July 23, 2013

What Baby Cambridge has taught me about The Press

KI'd written a long screed about how the media frenzy around the birth of the latest royal baby was just another example of our decadent culture when I suddenly had a moment of clarity. 

I realized I was only writing it because I thought it was provocative enough to get people to read it. Moreover, I realized that the content I was putting into the atmosphere was venal and had no redeeming value other than to boost views for my blog. 

Just like the very culture I was condemning. 

And all of this shallowness over something beautiful and profound. 

Much like this very post. 

I guess I can only get so far outside of this particular box yet.  But recognition is the first step to resolution for any problem. 

So, for now, let me just say this. 

To the Duke @ Duchess of Cambridge, you have my congratulations. 

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