July 03, 2013

Burning Questions for "Pacific Rim"

As much as I am a Trekkie and a comic book geek, I have to say that the movie I have been the most fired up to see all summer isn't "Into Darkness" or "Man of Steel", but Guillermo Del Toro's giant monsters vs. giant mecha battle royal, "Pacific Rim".

Movie Trailers: Pacific Rim - Trailer 2

For anyone who's ever loved Voltron - lions or cars, take your pic - or old Godzilla movies, or even that crazy show Tranzor-Z, this movie has got to seem like a dream come true.

Pacific Rim - "Under Attack" Featurette

But the Lovecraft fan in me has these questions.

For instance: given the size of their brains, are the Kaiju (the giant monsters) actually intelligent?  Like, can they strategize in combat?

And, most importantly, who, or what, is on the other side of that interdimensional rift at the bottom of the Pacific ocean that is mass producing these kaiju to exterminate the human race?

Any way, my hope is that this is finally a film that is really worthy of the 3D Imax experience.  With a guy like Del Toro at the helm, my faith is very strong.

Should be a blast.