July 24, 2013

Tumbling into movie trailers

So, I just started a Tumblr blog that's dedicated exclusively to one of my not so secret guilty pleasures, movie trailers.  You can check it out at www.trailerfeast.com, but, to give you a taste, here's the latest post I made regarding the trailer for the abyssmal "John Carter":

John Carter Teaser Trailer
#johncarter This was the best trailer I'd seen in years.  Why? Because it made me want to watch a movie I had to turn off after the first ten minutes.  They get around the big explosions problem by finding a piece of music that perfectly captures a FEELING that's at the heart of this story (after all, the original book was called "A Princess of Mars"), and then they cut the highlight scenes to match the building pace of the music.  It effectively hides the horrible cgi characters that overpopulate and kill the movie. You feel like you get hints of something sweeping and romantic.  It feels like David Lean doing a sci-fi film.  Which says to me that there is actually an opening in the marketplace for a film just like that: something epic and grand and passionate set on other worlds. But, frankly, it hasn't been made yet.  Star Wars: Episode II wanted you to think that it was it.  Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune could have been that (if he'd made it a 4 hour movie w an intermission, where the first half was Dune, the 2nd have was Dune Messiah, and the love story is about Paul and Chani).  But no one has done it yet.
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