May 24, 2007

Weak on Defense

So, for anyone who's swayed by my opinion on things, I just want to state, for the record, that ANY Democrat in Congress who votes for this supplemental appropriations bill that basically lets the President continue this rediculous war policy with no end date & no restrictions whatsoever will NOT be receiving my vote next year.

More specifically, I'm talking to you, my Federal representatives: Congresswoman Watson, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein.

But I'm especially talking to you, the Democrats running for President, specifically, Senator Clinton and especially Senator Obama.

I, like quite a few people, have placed a fair amount of faith and hope in the junior Senator from Illinois, and, basically, he's gotten a free ride for it.

The buck stops here.

If you lack the courage to do, not only what is right, but what nearly 70% of the nation that you want to lead is demanding, you, sir, are unfit to be President.

And if that means that the Democratic Primaries get quickly wittled down to John Edwards, Bill Richardson, CrazyMan Mike Gravel, and, in all likelihood, Congressman Kucinich, then so be it.

As one of my favorite comic book anti-heroes, the FoolKiller, used to always say:
"Actions Have Consequences"

[Update - 5/25/07 8:39 AM] - so, it looks like Hillary, Obama, Barbara Boxer, Chris Dodd, and Diane Watson got the message and voted the right way.

Biden & Feinstein? You're dead to me.

[Update II - 5/25/07 6:18 PM]
- in fact, I'm a little excited about Brother Obama's response now....

May 10, 2007

Televising The Revolution of our Minds

So, I get alot of junk through MySpace - mainly real estate scams or internet porn sites cleverly disguised as beautiful half-dressed women who want to be my "friend". But I've also met a number of very cool people, many of whom I've never met in the so-called real world. One of them, who I think I'll actually see in the flesh this weekend, brought this first YouTube spoken word bit to my attention, and I think, ultimately, it speaks for itself.....

Which is funny, because, just earlier today, I was thinking about the flip-side of this argument: for all of the artists who do work that embarasses or humilitates a portion of the black community, when people attack them for selling out, I wonder why no one has tried to flip it, i.e. "why should I sacrifice my dreams for your dignity?"

I'm not saying I agree, but, as an artist myself, it's been something in my mind.

Anyway, when I went to the actual URL for this video, I found a link for this OTHER video: