December 12, 2011

Scary Christmas

Now, Macroscope fans, as a special holiday gift from, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, which already gives you unlimited free 2-day shipping and a huge cache of free streaming videos, you can now get all four of my horror short e-books for FREE.  That includes:
  • "I'll See You in Hell", where not even death can put an end to the vicious feud between two rival hitmen.
  • "The Worst Place On Earth", about the terror unleashed with a secretive, "old money" family are forced to open the doors of their mansion to the public.
  • "The Monster That Ate My Summer Vacation", something abominable that is slowly, deliberately stalking a family driving home through the post-Las Vegas desert.
  • and, "The Trick-or-Treaters", who come knocking on the door of a working girl who hates Halloween.  As you can imagine, the Trick-or-Treaters are not amused.
 Not your every day stocking stuffers, but definitely good for huddling around the open fire.