April 25, 2008

Breaking My Silence

I'll just say this: anyone who doesn't understand why someone like Rev. Wright might say something like "God Damn America", while still being a patriot, read this article from the New York Times, and understand that, while this case got a lot of publicity, stories like this happen every single day in this country and never get reported.

Black people (and, I increasingly suspect, Brown people as well) who simply want the opportunity to live their lives are KILLED.

They're killed with impunity.

They're killed by people who are supposed to enforce the laws like those against murder. They're killed by people who are supposed to protect them because they're citizens.

And when they're killed under such circumstances, on the extremely rare occasion where some sort of trial is convened, their loved ones are told that said killing wasn't really criminal or even improper.

The call from Rev. Wright isn't "Go To Hell America".

The call is "Damn it, America! Why can't you do right by me like you promised?!?!"

It's the glaring absence of justice on earth that makes us call for divine retribution.