May 19, 2004

Quote of the Day

"There has been a real lack of leadership in having someone emerge as a Christian voice, someone who doesn't speak for the right, someone who doesn't speak for the left, but someone who speaks for the people, and someone who speaks from a THEOCRATICAL perspective."

- Pastor Robert G. Upton, executive director of the Apostolic Congress, a fundamentalist Christian organization that regularly meets with Bush and other White House staff members, who're generally in agreement that Jesus won't come back until Israel controls all of the land promised them by God in the Old Testament.

These people have the President's ear, and they are actively lobbying against peace in the Middle East to fulfill their interpretation of the Book of Revelations.

Moreover, is anyone else freaked out by the fact that this non-government organization has adopted the following image as their logo?

Personally, as a Christian and an American, I find this to be immensely offensive.

While I'm on the subject, this week's episode of Frontline, entitled "The Jesus Factor", quotes Bush as saying "I believe God wants me to be President".

Personally, as a Christian and an American, I find this to be unspeakably frightening.

Oh, and they also believe the findings of some crank who alleges that traditional marriages grinded to a halt in Scandinavia after Sweden legalized same-sex marriage. Can someone please explain to me why all these good Christian heterosexuals are assuming that, given the chance, more men would choose to marry other men instead of women? Could this be an indication of their own state of mind? Hmmn....