September 29, 2003

So, as the President's situation grows increasingly tenuous, I've found myself "digging in the crates", so to speak, pulling all sorts of goodies out of the Macroscope archives that now have relevance in today's climate.

Case in point, last December, I made a post entitled "The Man Behind The Curtain", about an Esquire article by Ron Susskind that gives the skinny on Karl Rove, the President's Svengali. At the time, I just wanted to point out what a ruthless and scary guy Rove had managed to become without an actual official job in the White House. But, lo and behold, after scanning the Howard Dean blog, I came across this little quote in that December article:

Sources close to the former president say Rove was fired from the 1992 Bush presidential campaign after he planted a negative story with columnist Robert Novak about dissatisfaction with campaign fundraising chief and Bush loyalist Robert Mosbacher Jr. It was smoked out, and he was summarily ousted.


Karl Rove.

Robert Novak.

Planted negative story.
Where have I heard THAT before?

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