September 27, 2003

CIA seeks probe of White House

Catching Up
Months back, in a post entitled "The Plumbers Would Be Proud", I talked about how Joseph Wilson, the last US ambassador to Iraq (who was decorated with, I believe, the congressional medal or honor or something like that for giving people refuge inside the US embassy during the Gulf War) was sent by the White House to confirm the "Iraq bought Uranium from Niger" claims. He told them it was bogus back in 2002, and when Bush & Co. tried to say they didn't know better, Wilson went public and said that he'd told them it was bogus. Well, not long after that, SOMEBODY in the White House told Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun-Times that Wilson's wife was an undercover CIA agent specializing in WMDs, and Novak printed as much in his column.

In other words, the White House blew the cover of one of our own agents to get back at her husband.

Well, now, it looks like George Tenet and the CIA have had enough. According to this MSNBC article, they're asking the Justice Department to investigate exactly who did the outing, because, my friends, that is a violation of at least two Federal laws.

Once again, the only reason I know about this is because Howard Dean made a statement about it today. But mark my words, Dean's on Face the Nation tomorrow morning and this is going to be all over the news come Monday.

This is going to be huge. To quote Joseph Wilson "I hope to see Karl Rove lead out of the White House in handcuffs."
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