July 18, 2003

The Plumbers would be proud
Man, the hits just keep on coming today.

So, Joseph Wilson was the last American ambassador to Iraq and lauded as a war hero by Bush 1.0 after the Gulf War. Apparently, he was recruited to investigate the claims about Iraq's desire for Niger's yellowcake. He recently came forward to proclaim as much and to say that he debunked this evidence for the U.S. months before the war.

Days after this revelation, unnamed White House officials revealed to Robert Novak that Wilson's wife is an undercover CIA agent, which he then proceeds to report, including her full name, in his syndicated column.

Now, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson will neither confirm nor deny this, but, if it's true, the White House blew the cover of one of their own intelligence operatives. You've all seen Mission: Impossible. You know how bad it is when someone named on the Non-Official Cover, or NOC, list is exposed. This woman's life could be in danger.

Is this incompetance? Payback? Or are they making examples of them?

Incidentally, I'd just like to say that the only reason why I know about this is because I read it on Howard Dean's blog.
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