July 18, 2003

Most Terrifyingly Appropriate TV Quote of the Day

"It's happening...... again."

- The mysterious Giant, warning FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper that a new murder, reminiscent of previous killings, had just occured in Twin Peaks.

Dr. David Kelly, a former UN weapons inspector who may or may not have been a source for the BBC on reports that Tony Blair's government had "sexed up" reports of Iraq's WMD capabilities, was just found dead three days after testifying in front of a Foreign Affairs committee. The committee had given him five days to consider his next round of testimony. No cause of death has been determined.

Irony abounds. Just last night, I watched a little indie thriller called Interview With The Assassin, about a old man who claims to be the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll who actually killed Kennedy. The DVD details all the people associated with the assassination who died under mysterious circumstances in the following decade.

Word of advice to George Tenet: try not to end up like your predecessor, William Casey, did during the Iran-Contra Affair.
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