March 28, 2003

Impeachment: The Next Generation
You know, if I was prone to conspiracy theories, I might suspect that there might be more than a glitch involved when the ONLY post missing from my archive just happens to be the one suggesting an American regime change. But, I'm certain it's just an unfortunate mishap and that Blogger would NEVER stoop to censoring one of it's users.

So, for you're viewing pleasure, here is the whole post from March 7, reprinted for your amusement......

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark thinks he has enough of a case to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, AND Ashcroft.

Clark also claims to have turned water into wine in his spare time.

Of course, if the Republicans can try to undue a presidential election over a blow job, then I think "instigating World War III" could conceivably fall into the category of high crimes & misdemeanors. "What's good for the goose", etc. etc. It at least warrants a little thought.
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