March 28, 2003

Angry White Men
So, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is, if nothing else, confrontational. But, in today's climate, where dissent is equated with treason in the eyes of more than a few, his ability to raise a voice in opposition to this 2nd Gulf War on one of the world's biggest stages is definitely appreciated by yours truly. Here, in an op-ed piece he wrote for the L.A. Times a few days after he was booed off the Oscar stage, Moore starts out by letting us know that his own religious faith is the beginning of his outrage. Is he grandstanding? Probably. But at least he's talking.

Incidentally, Variety has indicated that Moore's next film, "Farenheit 911", will be an expose on the relationship between two powerful, aristocratic families:

The Bushes and the Bin Ladens.

Here's hoping more doesn't find himself in a freak plane accident before it's finished.
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