November 20, 2002

Nightmare at Camp Crystal Lake
So, enough about America. OK? Let's get back to completely frivolous movie-making for a minute. Great movies, especially great horror movies, are all about the last shot in the film. One of my favorite endings is the last shot of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, the last, and possibly best, chapter in the "Friday the 13th" series. Jason Vorhees' hockey mask is lying on the dirt, when, suddenly, the knife-edged claw of Freddy Krueger reaches out of the earth and pulls the hockey mask down into the depths of Hell. Well, 10 years later, it looks like New Line Cinema (formerly known in Hollywood circles as "The House That Freddy Built") has finally decided to pull the trigger what was set-up in that great last shot. Now, for a long time, I thought this idea was a train wreck waiting to happen, but, listening to Robert Englund and director Ronnie Yu talk, this actually sounds like it mixes the two genres in some really clever ways. So, friends & neighbors, I give you Freddy Vs. Jason Vs...... Kelly Rowland?!?!?!?!?!?
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