November 21, 2002

The All Seeing Eye
You know that article I posted a few days ago, titled Uncle Sam Morphs Into Big Brother"? Well, this is what Uncle Brother looks like, and it isn't pretty at all, my friends. Here is the government's uber-database, designed to "fight terrorists" (yeah, right!) by tabulating EVERY electronic transaction you, the American citizen, ever makes. EVER. Every e-mail, phone call, credit card purchase, etc. EVERYTHING. They'll have it on file. Just in case you get a little uppity. And the killer? LOOK AT THE OFFICIAL FREAKIN' LOGO!!!!! Is it just me?!?!?! And did I mention that it's all run by a guy who was one of the major figures in the Iran-Contra Affair? This stinks to high heaven, and the only person I've ever heard say anything about this is Al Gore.
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