January 24, 2013

Lightsaber-rattling with J.J. Abrams

Nice fake-out, J.J
Now, a few thoughts:

  • more so that Star Trek, Star Wars is a space opera.  In my humble opinion, "grandeur" is the key aesthetic sensibility.  Widescreen.  Very large depth of field.  Very steady camera work so you can actually drink in the spaces.  NO lens flares.
  • The world of Star Wars is actually very old.  In many ways, it's a historical epic.  Since the world has largely been in disrepair in the original trilogy, I'm guessing the new trilogy should show a renaissance.  I think of Europe in the 60's, twenty years removed from the great war.  Lots of rebuilding and construction.
  • Inevitably, someone in this new Jedi order is interested in more power.  I'd like to see the origins of a new Sith.
We'll see if I'm right.

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