December 16, 2008

Comic Book Quote of The Day

"The Earth is at ground zero of a Doomsday Singularity. The impact of Darkseid's fall is causing cracks to spread through all space sectors."

"John Stewart's still down there! Darkseid's dragging all our friends into Hell with him!"

"Then I say we go in after him, Guy. You, me, Kyle, anybody else who wants to.
And we kick his ass."

- Green Lanterns The Green Man, Guy Gardner, and, finally, Hal Jordan, pictured here, in DC Comic's Final Crisis #5

Gotta love those cosmic superheroes with no fear. DC editorial may be a colossal train wreck, but this is easily the deepest, neatest, most broadly conceived superhero comic I've read in quite a while. Grant Morrison rocks.
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