October 01, 2008

You ARE registered to vote, right?

Maybe I'm just naive.

I simply cannot think of a single person who might potentially be reading this blog who is SO disconnected that they're not yet registered to vote. It would really just astound me, absolutely astound me to find someone on here who's not registered to vote.

Like, the crazy Jamaican guy next door might not be registered to vote, but, like I said, he's crazy. "Crazy" as in "talks to the side of your head, not to your face, before spontaneously bursting out into reggae free-style lyrics" crazy. Like "punching my driveway gate and cursing at me then saying that he would never do something like that 15 minutes later" crazy. That joker may not even be a citizen.

And, if you haven't guessed, he clearly does not read this blog.

That I know of.

I guess I have to go have a conversation with him.

Maybe I'll talk to his wife, first. She seems, well, normal. Except for being married to him.

But, you get my point.

Are you seriously not registered to vote? SERIOUSLY? Are you actually in the same category as THAT dude?


Uhm, go handle that right now.

Thank you.
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