March 06, 2008

Was, not "Wanted"

So, some time ago, you all heard me crying the blues about how Universal & Co. screwed up the film adaptation of Mark Millar's supervillain opus, "Wanted". After all, as the image to the right clearly shows, half the fun of that title came from the fact that they were comic book supervillains run amok, right down to their 4 colored costumes and utterly reprehensible behavior. So, when I heard they weren't incorporating any of that into the movie, and really kind of white-washing the characters for the film, I was completely prepared to dismiss this film, sight unseen.

I don't care if it's some of my favorite actors like James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. (Truth be told, I won't say Angelina is one of my favorites, but she does have talent along with a tremendous sense of global responsibility and I'm occasionally happy to pay to look at her in various states of undress)

I don't care if it has eye-popping special effects and death-defying stunt sequences.

I don't care if it's actually a good movie.


OK, now that I've gotten that out of my system..... :-)

This is a pretty f'n cool trailer:

">Wanted Exclusive Trailer

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In short, I'll probably go see it.

But, from now on, it shall forever be known as "The Other Angelina Assassin Movie" (so that we don't confuse it with "Mr. & Mrs. Smith").

Now I don't want to talk about it anymore! :-)
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