November 08, 2004

He's Ba-aaack!

I've been suggesting this since February.

Howard Dean is considering a run for chair of the Democratic National Committee after Terry McAuliffe's tenure ends in January.

And I say "Thank God".

After all, Dean was the one who figured out a year and a half ago that it was pointless to run to the center when Bush & Rove were simply going to fire up their natural base to swell the voter roles in their favor. As the good governor has been saying, if the people can't tell the difference between you and the GOP, and you're talking about the GOP's issues, they'll always vote for the GOP because they KNOW you're only talking like them to get their vote.

On the other hand, if you fire up your own base, on your own issues, with your own identity, NOW we can have a fight.

Dean's already doing party-building through his political action committee, Democracy For America. His mind is already on down-ticket races with an eye for a future progressive majority. Why not take it to the next level. Instead of being the leader of the self-proclaimed "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party", why not just cut to the chase and be the leader of the whole f'n party?

After all, we've proven that the Clinton cronies (yes, that's you, Terry McAuliffe) can't get the job done unless Clinton himself is the candidate. This is 3 Federal elections in a row that DLC centrism has gotten is a "moral" victory (i.e. jack squat).

Dean was and continues to be the only national figure talking about being proud to be a Democrat. He's already the Democratic Party's biggest cheerleader.

Give Dean the ball. Let him inspire candidates and partisans led by a moral, progressive vision so we can continue to reclaim local & state government. When we control a majority of the state houses & state legislatures, THEN we'll have a strong enough crop of candidates from which to pick a potential winning Presidential nominee.

More importantly, he seemed to be the only Democrat who was serious about retaking the South back from the Republicans (even if he didn't quite say it in the most polite way).

Reclaim the ethics issue (more on that later....)

Dean brings passion and integrity to the party. Even if you think he's a too intense to be president, you know EXACTLY where the man stands.

Let's have some of THAT trickle down the party ranks. A little conviction can go a long way.
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