March 09, 2004

Switch Hitters
One of the GOP's favorite attacks on John Kerry these days is that he's a flip-flopper, i.e. he tries to have it both ways. Which is, of course, yet another case of the pot calling the kettle black. Consider, as my fellow blogger Daily Kos has, all the myriad ways in which George W. Bush has said one thing, then done the exact opposite, and THEN, more importantly, claimed that he'd still done the first thing he said.

Sometimes I truly believe Bush has some kind of psychological disorder. The man is clearly delusional.

And shall we get into the Bush claim that Kerry is weak on defense because he voted against certain weapons systems & intelligence funding bills? First of all, it seems to me that alot of these pet military projects are relics from the Cold War, when we still expected to meet another big army on a battlefield. In other words, they're not a whole lot of help against guerilla fighters.

And, again in the pot-kettle category, Bush himself has underfunded basic stuff for troops in Iraq. They're actually encouraging military units to ask local businesses to donate steel to armour their vehicles. Families of soldiers are being asked to raise money and, instead of sending care packages, they're sending body armour to their loved ones in the Gulf because the Pentagon hadn't paid for enough of them before they shipped out.

Now, I know there are a lot of folks who support Bush because he's allegedly "tough on terror". How can anyone who loves the military support this man? He's so busy transferring the nation's wealth into the hands of his kleptocracy, that he won't even pay for the war he's tricked us into fighting.
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