February 06, 2004

"I'm Out!"
Randall Robinson, founder of the multicultural advocacy group TransAfrica and outspoken activist in support of heavy duty issues of racial justice like slavery reparations and corporate hegemony in the African continent, has, quite frankly, had enough of your shit, America.

And, with that, he is Quitting America, as he describes in his new book (which you can buy for yourself by clicking the nifty red text). "Quitting" as in, leaving for the greener pastures of his wife's native St. Kitts, much like W.E.B. DuBois broke out on the U.S. of A. for Ghana after nearly a 100 years of trying to tell white people about themselves.

Quite honestly, I can't say I blame either of them. There are days when Toronto sounds real appealing.

But, personally, I don't think he should give the Powers-That-Be the satisfaction of running him out of town. Africa may be where our roots are, but America is our country. After all, we built this crap with our bare hands. I'll be damned if I let somebody exploit me and then tell me to get out. How about "kiss my ass"? How does that work for you, Mr. Powers-That-Be?

I'm reminded of Cedric the Entertainer in The Original Kings of Comedy:
"White people think they're just gonna leave us all back here. If y'all go to the moon, damnit, WE ARE GOIN' TO THE MOON."
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