January 25, 2004

Vote in The Invisible Primary
It's amazing what you can learn when you start actively participating in a political campaign.

The term "invisible primary" is used among pundits and politicos to describe the chase by political candidates to raise money for their campaigns. The conventional wisdom, of course, has always been that the candidate with the most money almost always wins the party nomination.

Of course, up until this year, I suspect that only a small number of average citizens actually give money to candidates, and, even then, only the extremely wealthy or active, who usually end up maxing out at the $2000 limit.

Of course, Howard Dean has changed alot of that by being the first candidate to really take off from small contributions from a ton of individual donors. Dean's raised roughly $40 million dollars, where the average contribution is something like $80 per person. Part of why this has happened is that he's inspired such a passionate following among the rank & file. The other part is that they've taken advantage of the internet to make it exceedingly easy for anyone with a credit card to contribute to the political process.

And Amazon.com has never met an internet business model they didn't like.

Which is why Amazon is now providing a page where anyone can make any contribution up to $200 for anyone of ALL the registered Presidential candidates. Yes, now, even the crazed Lyndon Larouche supporters can get in on the act.

Needless to say, you all know where I stand on the issue, but far be it from us here at Macroscope to stifle dissent. So, for anyone who's not ready to commit troops and treasure to Dean's crusade here, use the link above to find and support the candidate of your choice. I'd rather that everybody was actively supporting someone than sitting back, just waiting for the 2nd Tuesday in November before they start to think about the future of this country.
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