January 04, 2004

"Open For Business" or "How I learned to stop worrying and love Amazons"
I'm sure I've lost count of how many books, authors, movies and other forms of media I've linked to, recommended, or otherwise mentioned here on Macroscope. After all, how can one be a Spaminator without endless sources of information? So I'm sure I've generated more than my fair share of traffic at Amazon.com, intentionally or otherwise.

Well, since it's a new year, I figured, why should I advertise for Amazon for free? With that in mind, Macroscope has officially become an Amazon associate - in other words, everytime you link to a book or whatever at Amazon from Macroscope and actually buy something, The Royal We here get a tiny kickback. Just so you know, I'm highlighting all those Amazon links in previous threads in RED.

Now, would it be completely shameless of me to recommend that, even if you aren't buying a book I'm recommending on Macroscope, to go ahead and use this button

for ALL your Amazon purchasing needs? I'd certainly appreciate the business, just as I'm sure the good folks at Sallie Mae would appreciate it, too.

Please note that this particular post will stay on the main page for the forseeable future, just for your shopping convenience.....
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