January 27, 2004

Did you know that John Hinckley Sr., the father of the man who shot Reagan within a month of the Gipper's inauguration, was one of the biggest contributors to George H.W. Bush's first presidential campaign back in 1980?

Bush lost the G.O.P. nomination that year, of course, to Reagan and was forced to sign on as Reagan's V.P. Bush was the establishment candidate and many thought that Reagan's excessively partisan stances made him unelectable.

Sound familiar?

Now, why no one seems to want to report this, who can say. But I have recently found myself wondering "how does a former director of the CIA become the President of the United States"? What campaign, especially in the post-Watergate era, was he expecting to run on?

Anyway, Kevin Phillips was a former Nixon staffer who, surprisingly, has nothing but contempt for his old boss's hand-picked spy chief and his son, our current Chief Executive. Here, in this scathing book, he scrutinizes a laundry list of Bush family atrocities, dating all the way back to the 2nd World War.
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