November 09, 2003

What He Really Thinks
I know there are times when Chris Matthews, the long time politico, syndicated columnist, and host of Hardball, can seem like a Conservative shill. But, let's not forget that Matthews roots are with such Democratic stalwarts as Tip O'Neill & Co.

So, imagine my pleasant surprise to hear about his recent speech at Brown University. The salient points being:
A. The White House's rationale for war in Iraq was totally dishonest.
B. Dick Cheney is the real man behind the curtain.
C. Before Cheney & Co. came up with "The Bush Doctrine", the President had never had a deep thought in his life. Needless to say, he's a little protective about his first one.
D. His personal favorite among the Democratic nominees is, yes, that's right, Howard Dean.
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