November 11, 2003

Billionaire Soros takes on Bush

Measure for Measure
Does the term "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" ring a bell? Well, if such a thing really did exist, Richard Mellon Scaife, publishing magnate & conservative philanthropist, would unquestionably be the spider at the center of the web. And there in lies the rub about the neo-conservative movement: all those little right wing foot soldiers who campaign & vote against their self-interest are fueled by the funding of the uber-rich like Scaife, who are, unquestionably acting in their own narrow self-interest.

Which is why I love George Soros.

Now, don't get me wrong: Soros, the insanely rich financier behind hedge funds like the Quantum Fund, is very much a ruthless capitalist. An argument can be made that he single-handedly crashed the British currency market in 1993 and made a Billion dollars (yes, "B". "BILLION") in a single day as a result.

But as a man who loves the promise of capitalism & the American dream (let alone his ownwallet) , Soros is pained, I mean, physically ill, about what George Bush is doing to this country.

Soros just gave $5 million to He's given millions more to other progressive & liberal organizations. All for one, single purpose - to get Bush out of office.

When asked if he would trade his entire fortune (estimated to be about $7 billion) to remove Bush, he replied "If someone guaranteed it".

Forces are gathering, friends. Next November is starting to sound more and more like the Mother of All Battles.
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