October 07, 2003

Report Offered Bleak Outlook About Iraq Oil

What Do You Mean There's No Oil?!?!?
OK, this just seems more and more insane as time goes on.

According to this NY Times report, the White House had commissioned a report months before the war to find out exactly how much money they could get from Iraqi oil sales.

Let's not even get into how this flies in the face of all that "it's not about oil" trash they were talking.

The point is, the report, which came out MONTHS before we invaded Iraq, told them that the Iraqi oil industry was in such disrepair that, without enormous capital investment, there was no way it could cover the costs of rebuilding the country.

And yet Paul Wolfowitz constantly said that Iraq would pay for itself through oil.

What possible reason would they have for doing this, then, in the face of all the evidence telling them why this was a bad idea? Are Bush & Co. really THAT stupid? Is it really about transfer of wealth, and to hell with the Iraqi people? Or were they looking for a really spectacular way to justify bankrupting the government?
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