October 12, 2003

There's something wrong with me. I must be a bad person. Because, as much as I love baseball, I think I may love baseball fights even more.

So, the sight of Don Zimmer, the New York Yankees' septegenarian bench coach with a metal plate in his head from being hit with a fastball in his youth, charging asshole Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez during a team brawl, is, well...

It's funny.

Alright. I said it. It's freaking hilarious. I mean, I can just imagine Zimmer just sitting on the bench. Just waitin'. "As soon as these benches clear, his ass is MINE!"

It's rediculous. But I love it. This series just keeps getting crazier. Personally, I'm waiting for Mel Stotlemeyer to crack Nomar Garciaparra with a folding chair. Then, my baseball life will truly be complete.

In case you haven't noticed, there's going to be alot more baseball posts for the next two weeks.
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