September 30, 2003

Who's Sordid Now?

Feeding Frenzy
So, the President wants $87 Billion dollars to rebuild Iraq.

But what does that money actually pay for?

Sure, most if it is intended to go for military operations and such, but, as many of you know, an enormous chunk of military operations and services in the field are now being handled by private companies.

Companies like Bechtel & Haliburton. Companies that got contracts that were not submitted to the public for competitive bids, which basically means these company's get to charge the Pentagon as if they were a monopoly power.

How much do you think this bag of money Bush could be shrink if other firms were allowed to challenge Haliburton?

And let's not even get into the Iraq reconstruction budget. Consider this: An Arabic cell phone company set up towers in Iraq after Bagdad fell. They actually had the phones working for a while. Then Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority kicked them out and offered Iraq' cell phone market to Worldcom without a competitive bid.

Excuse me, that's right. Worldcom. As in "Biggest Bankruptcy As A Result of Corporate Malfeasance In History" Worldcom. Or, more importantly, "Has No Experience Setting Up A Wireless Network, Let Alone In A War Ravaged Country" Worldcom.

Talk about "transfer of wealth".

National Security? Reshaping the Middle East? Yeah, right. This whole thing is the biggest f'n boondoogle the world's ever seen.
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