September 03, 2003

Rejecting Wedgies
Wedge politics is a term to describe campaign policies meant to highlight the differences between segments in the electorate to incite them to vote one way or another. It is, by definition, divisive.

It was really originated by Richard Nixon, in his appeals to the "Silent Majority" in 1968, a code word meant to distinguish folks from the hippies, radicals, anti-war protesters, & civil rights demonstrators. But it was really raised to a whole other level by Lee Atwater, former GOP National chairman and manager of George H.W. Bush's 1988 campaign, with such things as the infamous Willie Horton ads. Needless to say, when they allowed party operatives to promote rumors South Carolina that John McCain had an illegitimate bi-racial baby as part of their campaign to crush his insurgency during the 2000 Republican primary, Karl Rove & our President proved they were zen masters of the wedge.

And this is why Michael Cudahy, a registered Republican, is now supporting Howard Dean for President.
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