September 04, 2003

Great Expectations
Paul Krugman is an columnist for the New York Times who, in his recent book, The Great Unravelling suggests that President Bush's ecomonic policy is putting America on track for a fiscal disaster of, in his words, Dickensian proportions. I mean, "rising infant mortality and low-birth-weight infants" style poverty across the board for homemakers making about $30,000 or less.

Meanwhile, the President is suggesting that his tax cuts are a dam holding back a tidal wave of even more economic catastrophies.

Funny. I thought we were projecting surpluses ad infinitum when he took office. I suppose that's all Bin Laden's fault. But wait - doesn't Bush know him (see the previous post)? Maybe it's Ken Lay's fault. Oh, wait, Bush knows him, too.

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