August 01, 2003

Eight-Pound Gorilla

Eight Pound Gorilla (but it knows Judo)
For all you progressive types. It is easy to be intimidated by the pseudo-scientific and often plausibly rational arguments of the right. Conceptual Guerilla takes the tack of meeting right-wing arguments head on, using the same logical patterns, historical facts, and trends casually employed by your favorite conservative talk show hosts to draw different conclusions. As always, draw your own conclusions and beliefs, but this is potentially powerful ammo for your next political debate. At the least, it shows that just because the right can talk a good game doesn't mean that they know any more than you do.
And when you get done there, be sure to check this awesome call-to-arms for the progressive/liberal side of the house. I'm a bit to the right of both of these groups, I'll freely state. However, they have a very real point. If the progressive idealists don't start fighting in the trenches, idea for idea, blow for blow, then the terrorists have already won. And I don't mean Al-Qaeda.
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