August 02, 2003

The All Seeing Eye Blinks

The All Seeing Eye Blinks
John Poindexter, the definitive "shady character" who was convicted of lying about both Iran-Contra (later overturned on a technicality) and fed misinformation about Libya to the American press, is no longer head of the Information Awareness Office.
After coming up with the latest brilliant idea of creating a futures market for terror, even surly-eff-what-you-think Rumsfeld had to admit that the guy had to go.
This is what amuses me about the far right--they are often guilty of the naivete that they accuse the far left of. It is true that markets are very efficient ways of obtaining information since they reflect the knowledge of all the participants. But looking for a financial scam is one thing. Setting up a create-your-own-bounty system is insane.
Of course, anyone who would choose the pyramid and all-seeing-eye favored by conspiracy theorists and dystopian authors and game designers for decades as the logo of their secret spy-on-the-public agency isn't too bright to start with.
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