July 08, 2003

Ministry of Information
Maybe Jayson Blair was just following the example of his peers, huh?

I must admit that the world that Greg Palast is conjuring in his writing is profoundly frightening. If he's right, the national media is colluding with the Bush administration to intentionally lie to the public about world events to justify a grossly imperialist policy.

Now, I know some of you are laughing. After all, isn't this what I've been saying about Iraq all along?

True. True. But it's one thing to fudge, hint, & misdirect about Iraq being in a WMD-ladden bed with Al Qaeda. It's another thing entirely to say that a democratically elected head of state, in this case Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, has "resigned", when, in reality, he'd been bound, gagged, and kidnapped at gunpoint by a radical militia seeking to overthrow his government.

Did I mention that Venezuela is one of America's biggest oil suppliers? Is there a pattern forming here?
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