June 15, 2003

Next In Line?
Grant did it. Ike did it. Can Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO & Rhodes Scholar, follow in their footsteps to the White House? Frankly, if this guy runs, he's instantly a threat to the President because NO ONE can trump his foreign policy credentials. He's someone who can speak with authority about what Bush is not doing to keep this country safe.

So, for those of you keeping score, the candidates to watch, IMHO, are Dean, Edwards, and, if he gets into it, Clark.

And these people keep talking about the junior senator from New York. They need to let it go. If you think Bush/Gore was divisive, Clinton/Bush II would be a bloodbath. It would literally rip the country in half. She's not that stupid. There are better ways for her to undermine the Bush agenda.
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