May 29, 2003

Primary Colors
So, for those of you who haven't noticed yet, I'm a nerd.
And one of the things all nerds have in common is a love for public television. Now, I'm not just talking about liking Sesame Street & Mr. Rogers. As wonderful as those shows are, even the most slack-jawed of yokels will have a special place in their hearts for Big Bird. Nerds, on the other hand, get misty-eyed about shows like "The Electric Company" or "3-2-1 Contact". Of course, one of the old nerd standbys on PBS is Levar Burton's "Reading Rainbow", now entering it's 20th year on the air.

Unfortunately, 20 may be the limit for this wonderful literacy stalwart. A tough economy and the changing face of children's television may present a hurdle too high for one of my favorites. See what CNN has to say about it.
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