March 03, 2003

How Bad Do You Want It?
You may have noticed by now my love of the Classics (as in "the study of ancient Western Civilization" according to my alma mater). Lysistrata is a play written by the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, in which the women of Athens refuse to have sex with their husbands until the men agree to outlaw war.

In light of current events, a group of actors have created The Lysistrata Project, where they've arranged for several hundred simultaneous performances of the play around the world as a a huge public statement against the impending war in Iraq. The current count has 1004 performances in 59 countries, and that number is increasing daily.

I LOVE this idea. Definitely find a viewing near you and go.

Maybe I should start an online collection to buy two tickets for the D.C. show for Laura Bush & Lynne Cheney....
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