March 17, 2003

Fall Down. Go "Boom".
Three years ago, while Time Warner stock was still flying high, Ted Turner was, for reasons known only to himself, very concerned about the global insecurity of the world's stockpiles of weapons grade nuclear material and the fact that the government didn't seem to be doing enough about it. So, being the egregiously rich guy that he is, with access to just about anybody, he sat down with former Senator Sam Nunn and, beginning with money from his own pocket, founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative, an independent organization dedicated to helping to contain the threat through lobbying, policy papers, and financing non-proliferation efforts around the world.

Proof, yet again, that there are more ways to contribute than we usually think.

The NTI just published a report that basically says shooting up Iraq & North Korea are barely the tip of the nuke iceberg and that there are literally dozens of sights around the world where decommissioned, yet active, nukes exist that aren't accurately secured because, for instance, it's cold and the guards don't have properly snug uniforms. And if these guys can figure this out, you can bet Al Qaeda did a long time ago.

This editorial from today's New York Times tries to find a reason why the government isn't doing anymore about this. One factor: there is no large industrial concern that stands to make money from cleaning up old nukes.

Another factor: the idea of a nuke going off in an American city is just too horrible for most people in power to even want to think about, let alone discuss in a concrete fashion.
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