February 04, 2003

Micah Wright is a former Army Ranger who now makes his living writing, among other things, the comic Stormwatch: Team Achilles, which details the exploits of an elite group of very-human military operatives who are funded by the UN to beat the snot out of any and all super-humans (heroes, villains, mascots, whatever) who make life difficult for the rest of the population. Fun stuff.

However, in his spare time, Micah is a VERY vocal opponent of the Bush Administration's foreign policy towards Iraq, as evidenced by the series of faux-propaganda posters he's created and selling on the web to highlight the lunacy of the impending war. Here's an excerpt from his Delphi web forum where he lays out in broad detail what he thinks is and is not an appropriate application of the most awesome military force in the history of mankind.
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