January 02, 2003

A Tale of Two Articles
The Iraqi foreign minister, Tariq Aziz, accused the United States of planning to invade Iraq, whether the UN Inspectors find any hidden weapons or not. Here's an article talking about this from CNN.

Now, here's another article talking about the same statement from Tariq Aziz from the BBC.

What you may notice is that, in the BBC article, they quote Aziz as stating that the US wants to invade Iraq to control it's oil reserves to appease the imperialist intentions of the American business community. CNN makes no mention of such a statement, at all. Odd, considering that CNN is owned by AOL/Time-Warner, one of the largest members of said imperialist business comunity.

See, it's things like this that really demonstrate just how transparent Bush's goals are. Sadly, it also shows how narrow, uninformed, and easily swayed the POV of the average American citizen is, too.
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