January 14, 2003

The Party of Lincoln
Here's a New York Times article, talking about the little group hug the Republican party leadership held with Black conservatives and Black Republicans to show that the party is really concerned about their issues in light of the whole Trent Lott debacle.

Favorite quote: "When you withstand the things we do as black Republicans, and you still stand firm with the party, that's commitment." from Shannon Reeves, secretary of the California State party and chairman of the Oakland, CA NAACP.

Point of clarification: No, Mr. Reeves, that's not commitment. It's blind devotion, bordering on foolishness. After all, isn't this the same reason why Black Republicans say they rejected the Democratic Party in the first place?

Moreover, if the GOP were really serious about demonstrating their commitment to the Black community, where was their REAL leader, President Bush?

Lastly, let me say this: I'll believe that the GOP is serious about including Black Americans when the President starts doing things like publicly denouncing places like Bob Jones University and other institutions that support discriminatory policies, or publicly renouncing campaign contributions from thinly-veiled white supremacist organizations, or publicly stating that the Confederate States of America was an outlaw organization that brought shame to the American ideals by instigating a war to preserve the state's rights to hold slaves.

Then we can start talking turkey. Or, maybe they should just take a hint from the folks at "Black People Love Us". They seem to have figured it out.
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