December 26, 2002

When the term "Republican" meant more than just a party affiliation...
The U.S. Historical Society wants to put a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the Confederate States of America. And the Sons of Confederate Veterans are mad.

And, in other news, water is still wet.

But, on a serious note: It has always struck me as the highest form of revisionist history when modern-day Confederate sympathizers depict the North as a morally bankrupt agressor. After all, didn't the Confederacy shoot at Ft. Sumter first? More importantly, wasn't the entire foundation of the Confederacy predicated on the Southern states' desire to maintain their slave labor force? What's there to be proud of, when your ancestors made an immoral stand and then received a resounding ass-kicking for it? I look forward to the day when some prominent Southern politician publicly rebukes and renounces the heritage of the Confederacy.

Moreover, I'm curious to see if the upcoming Warner Bros. film, Gods and Generals, will have any commentary on the ethics of the Confederacy, or simply take the revisionists' favorite route of depicting the "War Between The States" as a mere philosophical disagreement that escalated out of anyone's control? We shall see.....
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