December 30, 2002

Scared Straight
Charles Rangel, Democratic congressman from New York City, is talking about introducing a bill that will require mandatory military service for ALL citizens.

That scares the Hell out of me.

And, ultimately, I guess that's the point. Clearly Congressman Rangel's been reading Starship Troopers and is hoping that we end up with a more peace-seeking foreign policy if Jenna & Barbara Bush have to trade in their blonde locks for a G.I.Jane buzz-cut.

On the other hand, let's not kid ourselves: It's not like the military is a meritocracy. All men are NOT created equal. If I'd done Marine ROTC at Princeton, I would have joined the Corps with a commission as a 2nd lieutenant, and my cousin, 12 years my senior and a Marine since he was 18, would have had to follow the orders of me and other pampered college boys like myself. Does my Ivy League education really make me more qualified to send men to their deaths than a man who's spent his entire adult life in the trenches with his fellow soldiers? The elite will ALWAYS find a way to stay away from the bullets.
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