December 04, 2002

The Next Big Thing?
Martin O'Malley is the mayor of my home town, Baltimore, MD. But, how many mayors of mid-sized cities receive letters from Bill Clinton, congradulating them for NOT running for Governor of Maryland because "I won't be surprised if you go all the way"? Here's a story ostensibly about O'Malley's potential to be a Democratic savior, but also about Clinton's efforts to help regroup the Democratic Party. I must admit, I used to be a big fan of the Democratic Leadership Council, but their standard-bearers like Joe Lieberman leave alot to be desired when it comes to artists' rights, and, in the face of the last election, their leaders, From & Bruce Reed, say the party should abandon it's liberal ideals because "The harsh reality is that the Democratic base just isn't big enough to win: there are more conservatives than liberals ... more suburbanites than big-city dwellers, more whites than minorities, more non-union workers than union workers". Well, at least they won't be pretending to court my vote anymore.
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