November 04, 2002

Before You Go Vote Tomorrow....
...if you can, make a point of watching this documentary, Counting on Democracy. Now, I'm sure some people out there are tired of hearing that G.W. Bush stole the presidency because the Supreme Court prematurely stopped the Florida ballot count and declared him the winner. Well, you should be tired of it, because it's a smokescreen for what really happened. Short version: The government of Florida, run by Bush's brother Jeb, unlawfully removed THOUSANDS of eligible voters from the registration roles in the months prior to the election, and a disproportionately large number of these voters were Black and probably Democrats. What's worse is that, even after investigative reporter Greg Palast broke this story, NONE of the major news outlets would air it. Palast lives in the UK now. This documentary, Counting on Democracy details and confirms many of the findings in Palast's report, and the national PBS news organization refused to air it! It's only getting national play because a few local PBS stations are choosing to air it independently, and, even then, they're not really promoting it. Do yourself a favor and watch it if you can (or buy it and pass it around). Also, for all you Angelenos out there, check out Unprecedented, a feature film documentary that covers the same material. It's airing later on this month at the Arclight as a part of AFI FEST. And please, PLEASE remember to vote tomorrow!
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