October 23, 2002

Why NBA rules against fighting are so stringent
Those of you who follow the NBA today know that Rudy Tomjanovich is the coach of the Houston Rockets. What you may not know is, back in the day, he was a player for those same Rockets. In a game against the Lakers, a fight started, Rudy rushed to his teammates aid, and the Lakers "enforcer", Kermit Washington, hit him with a punch so hard that Tomjanovich nearly died, right there, on the basketball court. There was so much blood that the announcers for the game, who could hear the sound of the punch from their box, rushed down to the court to see if Rudy was still alive. This book talks about how that fight radically altered how the NBA handles on-court violence, as well as changed the lives of these two men forever. Great read. Check it out.
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