October 25, 2002

Senator Paul Wellstone killed in plane crash
So, for those of us who are keeping score: Ron Brown, JRK Jr., and Mel Carnahan where the last few politicos I can think of who've died in plane crashes. Carnahan was another guy running for a senate seat against Jon Ashcroft. When Carnahan was kiled, his wife took his seat and beat Ashcroft. No such luck with the Wellstones. Where am I going with this, you ask?

I'm going here: Can anyone recall who was the last Republican to get killed in a plane crash?

In fact, can anyone remember who was the last Republican to get assassinated? I think it was Lincoln, when the Republicans really weren't the party that they are today, if you catch my meaning. Makes you wonder if Al Gore had an ulterior motive when he did his whistle stop tour in 2000 on a train....
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