October 31, 2002

"Dread. Pure dread."
You've all heard me rave about Ringu being the scariest movie I've seen in recent memory. While the Dreamworks remake, The Ring is game, it still pales in comparison. Well, the director of the original, Hideo Nakata, has a new film which is another adaptation of a novel by Koji Suzuki, author of "Ringu". The American title is "Dark Water", and, for all you Angelenos, it's screening twice at AFI FEST in the beginning of November. American horror directors should take note: sure, it's easy to make someone jump out of their seats with a loud noise and a sharp cut. But a movie that takes its time to make you afraid to go to sleep at night will stick with your audience (in other words, build buzz through word of mouth) forever. Check it, if you dare.
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