October 03, 2002

The Big Lie
Here's a 60 Minutes report that tries to speak about the origins of the "4000 Jews played hookie from the WTC on 9/11/01" urban legend. Proof that, if someone believes you're a liar with unlimited resources to fabricate the truth, no amount of proof will ever convince them that you're not lying. This whole notion of a Jewish conspiracy is extremely troubling. Another example of the lengths people will go to in order to simplify their world view. Rather than accept the more probable idea that Islamic terrorists, pissed off at America's completely self-serving foreign policy in the Middle East, finally figured out a way to hit us where we live (i.e. a world where people do bad things with the best intentions), so many people on The Left would have you believe that Bush allowed the Mossad to murder 3000 American citizens to justify destroying al Qaeda and Iraq (i.e. a world where wholly bad people are the only ones who do bad things, because they enjoy it). Let's be honest: if Bush & Sharon were that good, why would they leave such an obvious trail by letting 4000 people call in sick? Wouldn't an extra 4000 dead Jews simply strengthen the case against the terrorists (since they're already committing mass murder)? Or, if they were trying to let those Jews escape, just have them all be on the ground floor, or our getting coffee or something, before the 1st plane hits. Logically, it doesn't make sense, friends. Can't we just grow up and accept that any person is just as capable of doing good as bad on any given day under any circumstances. The US and Israel have helped screw up the Middle East, which, in turn, lead al Qaeda to blow up the WTC as payback, which, in turn, has scared the US so bad that they need to beat up al Qaeda and anybody even remotely similar to bin Laden (i.e. Saddam Hussein). Evil begats evil.
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